Case Study Big Brother Is Watching

Topics: Automobile, Privacy, Law Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: August 2, 2013
Case Study 5.2 Big Brother is Watching? By Przemyslaw Ziemski MGMT605

Graduate Research Methods Colorado Technical University May 2013
Dr. Jaime Sampayo Suppose a GIS research firm is approached by the state legislature and asked to provide data about vehicle movement within the state for all cars with a satellite tracking mechanism. Based on the movement of the cars over a certain time, the police can decide when a car was speeding. They intend to use this data to send speeding tickets to those who moved too far, too fast. If you are the research firm, would you supply the data? Discuss the ethical implications of the decision. Introduction In 21th century technology affects everything from communication to entertainment and medicine to convenience. Thanks to technology there is more content generated every 48 hours online than there was from the beginning of time in 1992; with that comes greater accessibility and knowledge. Technology is going to continue to evolve and reinvent itself every day. We are constantly connected with our iPhones, laptops, Facebook and Twitter. Many people drive cars with GPS or wearing a t-shirt with RFID tag. As we see technology is very useful but we have to admit that technology can be very dangerous. Issue This case study presents ethical and right of privacy issue. According to this case GIS research firm wants to collect data about vehicle movement for all cars which have a...
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