Catholic Monastic Life

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Anonymous 3rd hour 7 March 2013 Catholic Monastic Life Monasticism is the act of dwelling alone. Catholic Encyclopedia states, “The basic idea of monasticism in all its varieties is a seclusion or withdrawal from the world or seclusion or withdrawal from the world or society.” Monasteries were created out of the hermit movement in early Christianity. These monasteries served as a purpose to let Catholics spend their lives with God in their focus. Monasteries had a massive role in society in the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages, the monastery would often own much land and property; therefore they were landlords to anyone with a small farm or business in that area. Monasteries were also the only educational facilities basically at the time. In Europe, the Middle Ages had a decrease of Greek and Latin literacy. There were some learning going on in the homes, but the Monasteries served as a purpose to educate those who were not as fortunate to have home teaching. Medieval universities were also established. Why do monks and nuns give up a “normal” everyday life in exchange for a life dedicating yourself to only God and the Church? We have heard many times people say, “It is because that is what God has called me to do.” What are the other reasons? Why do some people become teachers? Why do some people become doctors? Because they chose to be. They wanted to serve their community. They had a passion 1

for teaching children, or a passion for healing the sick. There are many people who find delight and pleasure in serving others. There are many people who are Atheists who are serving their country and their community. Such as policemen, soldiers, and are apart of the government. They serve in another way because they do not believe in God. However, Monks and Nuns have a passion to serve God out of passion for him. In the similar sense that those men and women decide to become teachers, doctors, policemen, soldiers, and apart of the government, these men and women...

Cited: New Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1967. Print. "Felician Franciscan Sisters." Felician Franciscan Sisters. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2013. Matthew 19:21
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