Catholic vs. Protestant View on the Revelation

Topics: Christianity, Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church Pages: 1 (134 words) Published: December 17, 2014
Catholic vs Protestant view on revelation

There is one main and truly significant difference between catholic Christianity and protestant Christianity. That main difference is that Catholics believe in a head translator that personally and solely communicates with God. With this special revelation, this person will then translate his experience to his people. This character is known as the Pope.

This image of an important character delivering a message to the people is completely varied in protestant Christianity. Protestants do not believe in one person being able to communicate with God. Protestants believe that revelations simply do not happen, and that God no longer communicates to only one man. Protestants therefore no not follow the Pope, and instead believe in priests who have only said to have been inspired by God, but not communicated with.
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