Changing brakes

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How to Change Brakes


Brakes are the most important safety feature on any vehicle and play a huge role in all aspects of the car. Since the early 1900’s, there have been many different kinds of brakes invented and manufactured. There are two types of brakes that stuck around to still be used today, they are referred to as drum and disk brakes. Sensors and technology have improved the way brakes are made and functioned today. Although these advances are very beneficial to car buyers, it can become expensive to people who aren’t familiar with changing the brakes themselves. Components of most vehicles brakes are very simple and they are easy to understand for most people. If they are not changed properly, it could lead to negative results.

Materials Needed:

Jack (to raise the vehicle)
Lug Wrench (To take the tire off)
Brake Kit (Brake pads, rotors, grease)
Wrench Set
Brake Caliper Spreader
Screwdriver (some vehicles require it)

Note: You will have to purchase these parts for your vehicle; almost every car has different brake pads and rotors that varies in price.


1.Start by placing the jack underneath the car in the jack slot to ensure it doesn’t slip, then raise the vehicle. 2.Use the lug wrench to take the wheel off.
3.Un-screw the two bolts to the brake caliper which sits on top of the rotor. 4.Once you have taken the brake caliper off, pull out the old brake pads (try to keep the clips to the brake pads on) 5.Use the brake caliper spreader to push the valve back into the caliper, as far as it can go. 6.Put in the new brake pads and apply grease to the back of the pads. 7.Secure the caliper and un-screw the two bolts holding the rotor to the axle of the car, there will be a sleeve that comes off with it. 8.Take the rotor off and replace it with the new one, grease up the screws and you can place those back in. 9.Make sure a generous amount of grease is applied to the brake pads and all four bushings (to...
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