Chapter 5 Quiz bank

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Chapter 5 Quiz Bank
1. An auditor is performing an analytical procedure that involves developing common-size financial statements. This technique is referred to as: a. Vertical Analysis
2. Assertions that have a meaningful bearing on whether an account balance, transaction class or disclosure is fairly stated are referred to as: a. Relevant assertions
3. In obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence, the work of which type or types of specialists may be relied upon a. Client engaged and auditor engaged
4. Which of the following ultimately determines the specific audit procedures necessary to provide independent auditors with a reasonable basis for the expression of an opinion a. The auditors' judgment

5. CPA wishes to use a representation letter as a substitute for performing other audit procedures. Doing so a. Violates Professional Standards
6. Assertions with high inherent risk are least likely to involve a. Routine transactions
7. Which of the following is required documentation in an audit a. A written audit program
8. Which of the following best describes the problem with the use of published industry averages for analytical procedures a. Lack of comparability
9. Which of the following is a basic approach often used by auditors to evaluate the reasonableness of accounting estimates a. Reviewing subsequent events or transactions
10. When considering the use of management's written representations as audit evidence about the completeness assertion, an auditor should understand that such representations a. Complement, but do not replace, substantive procedures designed to support the assertion 11. In auditing an asset valued at fair value, which of the following potentially provides the auditor with the strongest evidence a. A price for a similar asset obtained from an active market 12. An example of an analytical procedure is the comparison of a. Financial information with similar information regarding the industry in which the entity operates...
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