chapter four case study worksheet

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Economics Update: chapter 4 Worksheet

Case Study: Fueling Automobile Demand

Article title At GM, Lutz’s Bets Starting to Pay Off
Source BusinessWeek, March 2, 2007
Activate Prior Knowledge
Complete the table with the terms below.
low margin
Paper manufacture is, generally speaking, a low-margin business. The company has shifted away from low-margin products.
to sell (something) to customers for their own use
no-haggle pricing
Not arguing over a price
import buyers
Buyers who buy imported goods
To fade away
technique which some consumers use to get a better deal from automobile dealers

type of incentive
Solidary incentive
types of automobile customers
Mechanics and
people who purchase Kias
amounts of profit gained from sales
Comparing cars
to look at Toyota Camrys as well as Saturn Auras

Guided Reading Questions
Read these questions before you read the article and take notes as you read. 1.Which cars accounted in the rise in General Motors sales? Chevrolet Cars
2.How did the automobile sales of U.S. manufacturers compare with those of foreign companies? The U.S get their cars from other countries

Discussion Questions
Answer these questions on a separate piece of paper.
1. Why is it significant that shoppers who were looking at Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas, and Volkswagens were considering Saturns as well? Saturn reports double­ and triple­digit increases in reverse cross­shopping figures with the new vehicles it has launched.

2. Why is GM trying to switch focus from fleet sales to retail sales?

They cut fleet sales 15,000 vehicles in Feburary as the company tries to focus on selling higher­priced cars to retail customers. 3. What is GM’s strategy for increasing demand for the Saturn? They launched a brand called “ A Different Kind of Car Company.”
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