character analysis of martin Luther from the movie

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: November 4, 2014

The movie “Luther” was a biography of Martin Luther, the priest who led the protestant reformation. The movie starts off by Luther nearly being struck by lightning. He promised to become a monk if god lets him survive the storm. After he becomes a monk, he goes to Rome. Luther is appalled by the catholic church practices, specially the practice of the church selling indulgences where the people are told that they can get forgiveness from god by giving money to the church. Luther goes back to Germany and becomes a professor of theology at the university. There he tells everyone that salvation is achieved through faith. He also makes fun of the catholic church practices such as the use of indulgences. He wins the support of prince Fredrick the Wise, and soon has a large following among peasants who listen to his preaching. He then also posts the 95 theses on the door of the castle church, which did not seem to attract any attention until these theses were copied and translated for many people to read. Angered by this the catholic church held a hearing to see if he would recant or not. After denying to recant, Luther was excommunicated out of the church by the pope. He then went into hiding in the castle of prince Fredrick and translated the New Testament into vernacular making it possible for more people to read the Bible. The movie ended with Luther giving the New Testament to the prince.

Martin Luther was one of the few people who changed the course of history. With his great bravery and intelligence he was able to stand up to and divide the most powerful church. With a strong and often abrasive personality he was able to speak up to the catholic church and even though he knew that his actions could get him excommunicated or even killed he was determined to share his beliefs with the people. Not only was he devoutly religious, Luther was confident in his teachings and uncompromisingly committed to his truth. He was brave, willing to fight and die for...
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