Charlemagne an Ideal King

Topics: Franks, Pope, Charlemagne Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 17, 2012
An ideal king is both powerful and kindhearted. King Charlemagne was ideal because he successfully created a powerful Frankish empire even though he was a distinguished altruist. King Charlemagne expanded the boundaries of the Frankish kingdom with resolute and strategic military action including large victories in Saxon and Rome. His unyielding tactics secured his victory in the Saxon War which carried on for over 30 years. In this conquest, King Charlemagne aimed to conjoin the Germanic tribes of Saxon and Frank by forcibly spreading the influence of Christianity. Christendom was the foundation that united his kingdom. He was revered by the leaders of nations outside his land because he was both affable and unrelenting. Charlemagne gained a strong alliance with the Roman Catholic Church after he came to their aide against the native Romans. He was eventually crowned Emperor of Rome by the Pope which caused the other Roman leaders to envy him. However Charlemagne would eventually gain their approval by using friendliness rather than force. Separately from his momentous achievements, King Charlemagne was an advocate of benevolence. Charlemagne routinely gave alms to the impoverished Christian persons both from within his realm, and abroad. After his death, a large portion of Charlemagne’s treasure was allotted to the Roman Catholic commonwealth. Moreover, King Charlemagne was an exemplary father: he would spend large amounts of his time with his numerous children and instilled his virtues within them. Throughout King Charlemagne’s entire reign, he was an effective leader. He consolidated his diverse empire by diffusing Christianity and by showing charity to the dissolute nations not limited to his own. King Charlemagne will always be the epitome of an ideal king.
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