Christian Values Education

Topics: Marriage, Pope John Paul II, Christianity Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Unit I Commitment to a Vocation
God’s call for every person is to simply follow him. God calls you to a life that will give Him honor. The Catholic Church recognizes four main vocations: priesthood, religious life, married life, and single life. No matter what we consecrate our lives to God’s service. Priests are tasked to be forthright messengers of hope, strong community leaders, and spiritual guides for both the lost and the faithful. Religious life is the best known consecrated state of life. Single discipleship allows freedom to follow Jesus, to show God’s love, to experience personal growth, to find healing and wholeness, and eventually to marry. As persons who are unattached to any form of romantic relationships, single Christians can dedicate much of their time, even resources of talents, to help the Church promote a life lived in the spirit of the Gospel. Married life is a vocation to become holy like God. A state wherein we can be perfect as our Father is perfect. Through marriage, husband and wife are called to mutual perfection. God expects them to stick their commitment and to live self-less lives. Keeping the marriage ALIVE entails acceptance, love, intimacy, sharing victories, and enjoying each other. Evangelize means to share or proclaim the Good News or the Gospel. Evangelization is proclaiming and spreading the Gospel of God in the word and in deed. Effective evangelization is rooted in the Gospel of God and in our very own human experiences of God.

Unit II Commitment to Family
The foundation of all society is the family. It is the original cell of social life. Pope John Paul II refers to the family as a “domestic church”. Family life is only as stable and as sound as the Christian faith of the culture. CHAOS is what triggers internal crisis in the family: criticism, hostility, apathy, overbearing attitude, and selfishness. Each family member must live in PEACE: praise, enlightenment, concern, and enjoying each other for the family to...
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