Christianity and Catholic Church

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Subculture of Catholicism
Lauren Lafferty
University of Southern Indiana

Catholicism is a very broad term used to refer to Christians and churches belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. To be Catholic requires a person to have certain unique, beliefs, values, and traditions that are separate from other people practicing Christianity. The Catholic Church maintains that it has been able to carry on the true tradition of the apostolic church as well and has evolved into a distinctive branch of Christianity throughout the years.

The Catholic Church is also a part of an entire subculture of Catholicism that has many other rituals and practices that are very different from and not practiced in other Protestant churches. The belief system and values presented in this church are also extremely different than other regular Christian churches as well. The services also called Mass, is much more organized and formal than other Protestant churches with priests wearing more elaborate clothing than Christian ministers. The research presented throughout this paper will be focusing on the subculture and belief system that is present within the Catholic Church along with the different values that are also there. It will also be focusing on how the audience interacts with the priest as well.

Specifically, this research will cover how the belief system in the Catholic Church is different than others found in many other Protestant churches as well as give more information over specific traditions such as Communion and Confirmation. This research will also focus on what the different beliefs within Catholicism actually are as well and why they are that way such as the use of birth control for example. The results of this research should give readers better insight to Catholicism as well as religion as a whole. Much of this research has also taken place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Evansville, Indiana.

Literature Review
The term Catholicism refers to every aspect of the Catholic faith which includes its rituals, theologies, and also as a religious people as a whole. The following articles that will make up a large portion of this review will mostly consist of research that pertains to the different beliefs and rituals of Catholicism and also studies how the church responds to sexual behavior as well. Other research will mainly be focusing on topics such as the intellectual freedom that exists within this faith and how people that are a part of Catholicism are able to think freely within the church. This review over these articles will hopefully give better insight to the Catholic faith as well as religion as a whole as will the observations and interview that will be conducted to go along with this research.

In “The Medium is The Mass: Marshall and McLeuhan’s Catholicism and catholicism,” Cooper (2006) describes how Marshall McLuhan’s Catholic beliefs have had conflicting assumptions because his Sunday beliefs are different from his Monday to Saturday beliefs. This research also presents McLuhan’s attitude towards the media and his relationship with the church as well. This article relates to the other research presented in this review because some of the other articles also have conflicting beliefs and assumptions as well relating to the Catholic Church. This research presented in this article also gives better insight into how the belief system works within Catholicism which is one of the main points of this research as a whole.

Another article also presents information on intellectual freedom that goes on within the church. According to Jelen (1996), it states that although the church does retain its power to define right and wrong, and good and evil, the primary emphasis of the Catholic position on intellectual freedom has been the development of well-formed individual consciences. The research also states that the Roman Catholic Church is not committed to...

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