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CISA Essential Exam. Notes
(A concise note covering important conc cpts for CISA exam.) Version 1.1 (Last Updated: November 5, 2013)
CISA Essential Exam. Notes C op :night: Kali Mamun Published: 14m May 2013 ASIN: BOOCSBKUYA Publisher: Amazon All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, copied in any form or b5' any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise transmitted Without `written permission from the publisher. You rnust not circulate this book in any format. Table of Contents

Manag' ng IS Audit function
Internal controls
Interna] contro] addresses the two keV aspects: Internal control objectives IS control objectives: General controls
IS controls
Performing IS Audit
Classification of Audit
Audit programs General audit procedures are: Audit methodologï what is Risk baSed auditing? Audit risk and material itv
Risk assessment technique
Compliance testing Ys. substantive testing
Audit evidence gather-ing Techniques
Attribute sampling Variable sampling
Control self-assessment (CSA)
Integrated auditing
Inmortant Doints to remember
This book consists of a series of important and organized notes prepared by a succ essful CISAL eelru'íidatey who wrote it with simple words to better grasp the core conc epts of IS audit and to these lessons during the final days of CISA ex am. It will give you an overall understanding of the theme and concepts of IT security processes and procedures, including all the areas of IS audit tested in CISA. These notes will help _vou to get a compact grasp of the total subject areas of CISA within ten hours of study, and help you create an overall mental picture of the subject matter of the CISAL ofñcial guide. Disclainler: This is not any official notes and does not give any passing guarantee. This is a note prepared by a real exam taker who made it to revise the CISA exam. topics before the Jfinal weeks of his examination and had passed it successfully. Read this bOOk il] PC2 Doxmload Kindle. for PC (free. software) from Amazon, and read it in _your PC. This book will be delivered to _Your Kindle for PC when buy this from Amazon. CISA Exam. Preparation Tips

1. You must read the official review manual of
2. Do not try to memorize an}thing; instead try to understand the concept. L'se this notes to develop your concept and be familiar with the important statements that is likely to be tested in the actual exam. 3. Once are familiar with the core concept,

start reading the questions and answers
Information technolozv Monitoring and assurance
Audit role. in TT Governance
BSC (balanced Scor-e board)
Maturi tv and Process improvement models
1T investment and allocation Drocess
and srecedures
IS Management practices
InlDortant Doints to remember
Software site estimation methods
Cri tical path methods] ogy
PERT (nrogram evaluation review technìn ue):
Gantt chart
Time box management Proiect controllíne activ ities:
Project risks
Traditional SDLC
6. Mark the questions that _You find difficult and
work on them.
Read this exam. notes and make mental pictures
of the subjects covered by the CISAL exam. attention to the *important points to remember” section at the end of each chapter of this book. 8. Put yourself in the shoes of an IT auditor, and
then to answer the questions.
Why you need this book?
1. Each concept presented in the CISA official
manual will not be tested in the actual exam. This book has been designed with the most important concepts that “ill be tested in the actual exam. 2. CISA will test _Your power of judgment in various IT environments; they will not pay much attention to how strong you are ín a particular technology. All the useful technical concepts that you can expect in the exam. have been presented in simple words so that you can grasp the necessary concepts easily. 3. This book `will help...
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