coca-cola's water neutrality initiative

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Social Marketing Plan

Social Marketing Program to Reduce
Residential Irrigation Water Use

Center for Social Marketing
Southwest Florida
Water Management District

June 2008

Table of Contents

Table of Contents2
About This Plan3
Project Summary5
Key Findings8
Priority Population10
Strategy Approach11
Audience Profile11
Specific Recommendations12
Relevant Findings13
Marketing Mix15
Strategic Approach15
Specific Recommendations16
Relevant Findings16
Strategic Approach18
Specific Recommendations18
Relevant Findings19
Strategic Approach21
Specific Recommendations21
Relevant Findings23
Strategic Approach24
Specific Recommendations24
Relevant Findings26
Implementation Plan28
Materials Development and Brand Management28
Pilot Community Deliverables and Implementation Guidelines29 Consumers29
Lawn, Landscaping and Irrigation Companies31
“Sales Force”32
Other Implementation Activities34
Distribution Channels35
Testing 36
Concept Testing36

About This Plan
The purpose of this social marketing plan is to guide the development and implementation of a Southwest Florida Water Management District (the District) pilot intervention program to reduce residential irrigation water use in three target neighborhood areas in Sumter, Polk and Charlotte counties. Specifically, the plan provides strategies to encourage residents in these pilot neighborhoods to: “water only every other week” during the months of December, January, and February and “water only when necessary” during the months of July, August, and September

The strategic recommendations in this plan were developed using results from a literature review, five focus groups, and a telephone survey of a random sample of people living in the target areas (primarily the Villages) (N=400) and a similar size sample (N=402) of residents living elsewhere in the District. Focus group research and results from the preliminary sample were reviewed in a strategy formation session conducted with representatives from the District, the Center for Social Marketing (CSM), representatives from the pilot site communities, the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) of the University of Florida, and utility companies serving the target areas. Their ideas and recommendations are summarized in this plan. The Social Marketing Plan includes the following components. A summary of the project

A review of key findings that provides information on the foundation for the marketing plan Strategic recommendations for how to influence the priority population or audience, based on each component of the marketing mix Product: How to maximize opportunities to engage in the desired behaviors. Pricing: How to minimize the perceived costs associated with the desired behaviors. Placement: How to develop program partnerships to disseminate information and reinforce the proposed irrigation practices. Promotion: How to promote the proposed irrigation practices in a manner that is relevant, appealing, and accessible for the priority audience. Implementation plan

Project Summary
Florida has the fourth largest and seventh fastest growing population in the United States. Estimated in 2006 at 18,089,888, Florida’s population has grown 13.2 percent since the 2000 census; more than twice the growth rate of the entire nation. Nearly 1,000 new residents a day, over this six-year period, have placed an unquenchable demand on freshwater supplies (U.S. Census Web Site, 2007). In addition to increasing demand for water, drought has become a complicating way of life. These factors have created a norm of water shortages throughout the state. It has become essential to our economic and social framework that Floridians develop strategies and employ behaviors to conserve water (Rain Sensor Installation; McKenzie-Mohr &...
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