Code of Ethic

Topics: Auditing, Audit, Internal audit Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Section 3 Code of Ethics and Conduct
3.4 Integrity, objectivity and independence
Provision of internal audit services to financial statement audit clients

141.A self-review threat may be created when a firm, or network firm, provides internal audit services to a financial statement audit client. Internal audit services may comprise an extension of the firm's audit service beyond requirements of generally accepted auditing standards, assistance in the performance of a client's internal audit activities or outsourcing of the activities. In evaluating any threats to independence, the nature of the service will need to be considered. For this purpose, internal audit services do not include operational internal audit services unrelated to the internal accounting controls, financial systems or financial statements. 142.Services involving an extension of the procedures required to conduct a financial statement audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (or equivalent local standards) would not be considered to impair independence with respect to an audit client provided that the firm's or network firm's personnel do not act or appear to act in a capacity equivalent to a member of audit client management. 143.When the firm, or a network firm, provides assistance in the performance of a client's internal audit activities or undertakes the outsourcing of some of the activities, any self-review threat created may be reduced to an acceptable level by ensuring that there is a clear separation between the management and control of the internal audit by client management and the internal audit activities themselves. 144.Performing a significant portion of the financial statement audit client's internal audit activities may create a self-review threat and a firm, or network firm, should consider the threats and proceed with caution before taking on such activities. Appropriate safeguards should be put in place and the firm, or network firm, should, in...
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