commodity chain about car chassis

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Commodity Chain Research Paper
Centuries by centuries, life is becoming more and more convenient. For example, people don’t have to walk, they can take cars. In this way, vehicle is an important transportation in our lives. To make a car, chassis is the most necessary part because it consists of an internal framework that supports a man-made object in its construction and use. So, as a commodity, I think chassis is worth to discover. In addition, chassis is becoming more special and even has multiple categories. For instance, regular cars’ chassis is very different from racing cars’ chassis. In my opinion, there is a lot of knowledge I don’t know about how chassis play this kind of crucial roles in vehicle, meanwhile, it is very interesting and people can get lessons from the commodity, chassis. In the paper, I will first describe the history of chassis. As far as I know, there are multiple histories for different kind of vehicles. Sedan’s chassis faced a huge revolution and truck’s chassis are late to be globalized. There is also another new kind of chassis for a kind of racing car named go-kart. After that, I’m going to map the commodity chain to show the globalization of chassis and sites of where it is produced and people who purchase it. Thirdly, relations of production and consumption will be analyzed. It contains the component of chassis, the environmental issues and different human labors in the production line. Finally, the paper will come to focus on labors. I will demonstrate the inequality happened .between workers, who was helped or hurt by this commodity and people’s approaches to lessen the negative impacts. Historical Background

As we know, car chassis is complicated through the development. To simplify, we can divide it into three parts. As we know, there are three main different cars at present. They are sedan, truck and racing car. For each of them, chassis are totally different because they have to overcome multiple highroads. The most shocked history is sedan’s history. The first time it participated in globalization is after the First World War, when the most revolutionary event took place. In fact, the chassis was changed with the sedan’s body because at first they were sold together. When chassis was made by particular country, the chassis was made by wood. There were a lot of disadvantages, the most apparent one is that wood can only be steamed and bent into simple curves. However, sooner after the First World War, Europeans worked together to get a new category sedan which is less expensive and more attractive (Automobile History, 2014). New metalworking techniques were perfected -- drop-hammering and power-hammering in the 1900 to 1910 era, hydraulic stretching around 1920, and drawing and stamping around 1935. The milestone was in 1919 when Dodge brought out the first closed car with steel frame members and body panels. That was the first time that a sedan made by steel instead of wood and the entrance of sedan to get into globalization (Automobile History, 2014).

Meanwhile, the development of truck chassis is much slower than sedan. However, the situation is different from sedan because trucks are made by different companies at first while sedan was invented by one particular person. To illustrate this point, take the example of Ford’s truck which was first created by Henry Ford in 1900. At first, Ford didn’t invent the particular chassis for truck until 1917 when the first chassis built specifically for trucks. In 1928, Ford introduced one of its most famous chassis called AA Chassis to the world. But Ford was not satisfied, so he created BB Chassis 4 years later, this time, it is not only a new kind of chassis, but also the first year for the flathead V-8. For Ford company, they might describe the process of trying flathead V-8 on BB Chassis turgidly (Wickell D. Ford Trucks History, 2008). But from my personal knowledge, this is definitely a huge challenge. Because for a...
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