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Workplace Assessment for Module 1: Topic 1-
Understanding conflict management in the workplace
Cause and effects of conflict
 Identify causes of conflict at work (12 marks)
Differences between interest groups
I once had a Supervisor called Gregory under me who constantly received direct instruction in a negative way from a Key Account Manager in our Corporate accounts department named Moses. The manner in which communication was initiated caused the conflict - Differences between interested groups. Differences between levels of individuals

I have two Technical advisors currently named Faizel and Gaaratwe. Faizel recently started he claims that there is somehow more calls and work directly to him instead of Gaaratwe. Faizel also claims that Gaaratwe does not pull his weight to maintain the line service level and sometimes falls asleep at his desk. These open allegations have caused conflict between the two – Differences between levels of individuals Developmental Pressures

When I previously managed the Customer Relations Centre at the AA, once had an occasion where I lost another manager / supervisor in the area and therefore all her responsibilities fell on another supervisor named Gregory. I put a lot of pressure on him to learn quick for him to develop for a better position but by doing this it created animosity between us. Personal Differences

An employee Thapelo possessed a straightforward personality that results in her speaking her mind, even if the timing is inappropriate. The employee with the straightforward personality offended the muslim co-worker Faizel by critising his attire on a Friday not knowing that it is his religion to dress like that. This obviously cause conflict. Organization Pressures

Unhealthy workplace competition is a cause of employee conflict. Some industries foster competitive environments more than others. When salary is linked to employee production, a workplace may experience strong competition between employees. Competition that is not properly managed can result in employees sabotaging or insulting one another, which creates a hostile work environment. Unhealthy workplace competition discourages teamwork and promotes individualism. This was the case with Nothile and Vuyiswa who were friends and the competition between them increased, it affected their relationship.  Describe the stages in the development of conflict (16 marks) Emergence

Emergence is when the conditions for conflict arise and a potential conflict becomes one. This is divided into two sequential stages. It starts with "potential opposition or incompatibility," called "latent conflict," when the opportunity for conflict is ripe, due to schisms in communication, action or personal issues. Escalation

The conflict escalates as both parties perceive the other's intentions, either correctly or erroneously. This is the stage where the parties involved begin exhibiting behaviors in direct opposition to the opponent's perceived intentions, such as competitive statements and avoidance tactics. Crisis

At a certain point in a conflict, the adversaries become so polarized in their opposition that neither party wants to concede even though neither is poised to win the conflict. This crisis or emergency stage may be reached after strategies for domination have failed, support has fled, resources have dissolved or the cost of perpetuating the conflict has become too great. Negotiation

Once both parties in a conflict recognize that they have reached a stalemate, their tenacity for their position loosens, their emotional intensity and attachments soften and their willingness grows to hear the other party out. At this point, the situation reaches the "de-escalation" stage and the possibility for some sort of settlement emerges. Resolution

"Settlement /Resolution" and "Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Reconciliation." Whatever name you give it, this fifth and final stage is when the conflict is in some way resolved, peaceably if...
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