Communication Barriers

Topics: Corporation, Programming language, Communication Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: March 14, 2008
Communication barriers can have a large impact on a company's employees and customers. Without communication there will not be efficiency within companies. For example, deadlines won't be met, ideas won't grow, and companies will not evolve. Everything would be at a stand still. Barriers such as Different languages, a sudden change in a company's structure or advertisers business creates havoc. As an example currently within my company Idearc Media our CEO Kathy Harless had resigned as CEO without prior notice soon after Jack Muelley was appointed CEO and within a week of him accepting the position he also had resigned as CEO. The communication sent to employees was for unseen health reasons. This type of activity has made employees nervous, because communication is lost and employees are either making their own assumptions on where the companies headed or employees are slacking from their job duties because of uncertain change. Another example of a barrier is a leader that doesn't listen and will not try to improve because they think they are the best. I guess you could term it as "Pride". Sometimes you have people that are so stuck in their ways, that they fail to communicate to help the business to grow and evolve. Another communication barrier is language. Company's usually have a language of their own known as company jargon if you can't understand the company jargon then there can be problems…someone who is new, may not understand what you want them to do when you use acronyms or business terms only employees would know.
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