Communication Nonverbal

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact, Facial expression Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: May 30, 2013
CommNonverbal behavior & Communication in Organizations

I. Nonverbals (NVs) in Orgs
A. Definition: Nonverbal (NV) com is com produced by all available behaviors & cues other than words
B. Significance of NVs in orgs
-NV mistakes common
- NVs always present
-NVs = affect: V=content
-NV believed when NV & V conflict
II. Categories of NVs
A. Dress & Artifacts- clothing, accessories, appearance
1. Dress similarly to person 1. level above
2. Mgrs can dress more idiosyncratically than subs
B. Kenesics - study of com aspects of gestures, body mvmt
1. When com w/hi status, low status should…
-use more pos. gestures
-sit, stand, walk more attentively, interested up straight; lean forward C. Oculesics - study of comm aspects of eye beh. face
1. Facial mgmt techniques
Masking-replace 1 facial expression w/another
Intensification- exaggerate, enhance facial expression
Neutralization-"poker-face", no expression
Deintensification- downplaying, de-emphasizing face
2. Subs mng face morel sups can show neg. emot.
3. Subs must ouse appropriate eye contact
4. Sups regulate conversation w/ face eyes
D. Vocalics: study of comm aspects of voice
1. sarcasm, satire hard to detect -be careful
2. Monotone, harshness, nasality - most offensive characteristcs
3. Be are of neg. stereotyped accents
4. Good delivery ( clear, fluent, moderate rate, pitch, volume) perceived as more attractive, credible in orgs. E. Proxemics: study of comm aspects of space
1. Personal space-expandable bubble we carry w/us
2. territoriality - how we manage space we're assigned
3. sups have better space, can violate space, more privacy, determine interaction distance, more freedom in use of space than subs. F. Haptics - Study comm aspects of touch
1. When in doubt, don't touch
2. sups more freedom to touch subs than reverse
G. Chronemics: study of comm aspects of time
1. in US late = lazy, selfish, uncaring
2. supe more freedom to...
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