Communication Styles and the Business Communication Process

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Communication Styles and the Business Communication Process
According to Stuart, Sarow, and Stuart (2007) “Interpersonal communication is the exchange of information between two or more senders or receivers in a casual context” (p. 12). I will discuss the content of a conversation between a young lady named Odetta and her boss Robert. Odetta is the group coordinator at a major hotel near the Los Angeles airport, and it is time for her review. The discussion will include the style of communication used in the conversation, and why that style was chosen. Each element of the transactional communication process will be described and how it relates to the conversation. The author will conclude the discussion by identifying ways that the business setting affected the transactional communication process. Annual Performance Review

Odetta receives an annual performance review each year at the hotel. Her boss Robert conducts the review. The review consists of categories in job responsibilities, key performance objective, special projects, and additional responsibilities. Robert will first note the comments for each category, and will sit down with Odetta to review. As the group coordinator for the hotel Odetta’s job responsibilities consist of the following: Coordinating and serving groups with sleeping rooms from the point of signed contract to arrival. Negotiating and detailing event orders for tour group banquet events. Conduct resume meeting to communicate client expectorations to all operational departments. Assist the director and the associate director of sales and marketing with special projects and reports. Assist in the absence of the general managers assistant, along with the absence of the sales or catering administrator assistant. These are just a few of the responsibilities that Odetta is accountable for. Each category of the review will have a rating from one to five along with comments from Robert. Odetta will have the opportunity to agree or...

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