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My  name is Jeremiah Gitonga .Personally I am born again baptized and immersed in mass water back in 1993.Iam Holy Ghost filled as well I speak in tongues and prophecy by the will of God. Am 41 years old married to Kendi Irene .We have five children, two with her and two with my former deceased wife. My late father is Christopher M’Arui and my mother is Martha Muthenya who are both Roman Catholics. My father worked at a catholic mission as a farm caretaker .I was born on 25th Dec 1970 .I went to school at KK Etama primary school where  I completed  my primary level education .I joined Igoji Boys’ Secondary school which was a catholic school ,our headmaster was a priest .Many of my friends became Roman catholic priest. I was also almost to become one. After form one I went for a transfer to Kaaga mixed Secondary School at Meru which was a protestant .Here I met with a real testimony of salvation from many preachers who came there every week and from my fellow students. I dropped from school in fourth form before I did my examination back in 1991, praise God that I was able to do this exam twenty years later that is 2010 and I got Grade C- (minus) .The truth of Gospel that I met in Kaaga mixed  kept boiling in me. I could wonder what is so peculiar in Jesus for He says he is the way and truth .I could wonder if really, I, Jeremiah Gitonga! With all my logic can just have faith and believe in Jesus without seeing him. This argument continued in my heart and it was more pressing when I was out of school, until one day when I met   another friend who said only one word to me and I finally decided to believe .He spoke a word that made me wonder how God is great that he made many stars and the universe .It was on an evening, I could look on the sky and I could not comprehend, so I was defeated and decided to worship the God of salvation and submitted to Jesus as my personal savior. I felt I could no longer go to Roman Catholic Church and I started looking for a church that I could join. Then I wanted join church which was built beautifully with expensive materials just like Roman Catholic It was very difficult to find one for all the protestant churches were built poorly with mud unlike the Roman Catholic which had bricks and electricity, concrete floor etc.It was another hard time for me if not the holy spirit, I could just go another church which was a bit established (but I later realized that it was just like catholic church in liturgy and practices) It is along story of how I landed into the hands of some guys who were going to full gospel church for a Bible study on Thursday 17th April S1993 around 4pm. They had an ugly looking church built of logs and you could see them worshipping as you pass for it was full of holes. But the members of the church looked very smart and the way they walked majestically to the church on that particular day touched my soul. As they passed they greeted me and I just said ‘by the way one day I might join you’’. Immediately they all turned back and asked me, ‘why not today?’’ one of them held me by the hand and I followed them. After sharing a word, singing some choruses they asked if there is somebody willing be saved. I went forward and I was led to a repentance prayer. From that day I saw things in a different perspective, though I continued with my miraa business at meru Eastern part of Kenya. Later I travelled to the coast where I joined PEFA church, the church that u minister up to date. MY CALL

Since when I was 8 yrs old God spoke to me through his ways of speaking especially dreams, I continued to make the message clear as I was in secondary school (high school) as a youth. I had a feeling that the best way of serving God is to use my oratory talent to speak the good news to the world(for I was very good in debates)and there were these priest and sisters who insisted that we were created to serve with our talents .For a good part of my lifetime I struggled to make this hard...
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