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Public Transportation
Winfred Harvey
Shawn Mallory
Ronnie Belvins
Stephen Collum
Elizabeth Johnson
University of Phoenix
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Gale Francis
January 15, 2012

Public transportation is an important part in any cities future. By using the public transportation system people are not only being socially responsible but they will be rewarded with less traffic, lower pollution, better service, increased employment, and increased health benefits. Public Transportation

Public transportation plays a big role in our social responsibility when living in a large city. The effects of public transportation can be profound. By using public transportation the city will become cleaner and less congested. Employment will increase and be more effective. The cost of living in a large city may even decrease. All of this can be achieved by riding your cities public transportation. Even though sometimes it is not convenient for many people, public transportation helps reduces the amount motor vehicle pollution emission because it helps the city effort to contribute to cleaner air and it helps reduce the amount of motor vehicles on the roads as a result of growing population. As population growth continues to climb in most inner cities across the nation, the more motor vehicles are on the road operating transporting people to and from various locations. With the growing concern over air pollution in the United States, most corporate companies today encourage its employees to car pool or use public transportation to get to work. The communities where our families reside are diversified neighborhoods. People in the communities are from various countries, different ages, and various income ranges. Some of those in the communities are retired citizens. Other people in the community work in various different types of field ranges from example; school teachers, business owners, public servants, realtors, oil gas workers,...

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