Compare and Contrast

Topics: Automobile, Traffic, Bicycle Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Tiffany Allen
English 101
Professor Obozian
15 May 2013
Cyclist and Motorist
While both require different skills in certain areas, they require skills or knowledge about the streets. Both must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth for traffic. A good cyclist will keep his or her mind on what they are doing such as lane position, gear selection and so forth. Motorist often let their mind wander because they don’t have to worry about shifting gears with an automatic transmission. As a motorist myself, I am guilty of the wandering mind. You will see many times motorist concentrating on something other than driving; for example, eating while driving, talking on cell phones or texting. Although we both have to share the road there are similar to different methods and rules and obligations that both motorist and cyclist have to follow. Motorists have seat belts that are required by law to protect them, along with air bags. All a cyclist has is a helmet, common sense, and making their selves known to traffic by wearing bright colored clothing and taking the lane. By claiming the lane, the point that is being made is the simple fact that cyclist belong on the road and have all of the same rights as drivers. Because cyclist and motorist have to share the road, there is some debate as to where a bicycle commuter should position themselves while riding on the road. “New bike commuters are often intimidated by riding on the road and often choose to ride on a side walk which sometimes isn’t safe” (Pennsylvania Bicycle Coalition). Although automobiles and cyclist are both allowed to share the same road way, this can cause a safety hazard in some situations. As motorist, we must respect the rights of other road users including bicyclist. Cyclist don’t need the same type of insurance motorist must carry. “They often won’t have it unless they have private or house insurance covering them as cyclist” (Foley). At-fault cyclist generally must pay Personal Injury...

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