Comparison and Contrast

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Functions and Purposes of Flowers vs. Weeds
Essay # 2: Comparison and Contrast
Flowers are those plants intentionally cultivated in the garden while weeds are those who come in uninvited. Weeds are competitors of the cultivated plants stealing water, nutrients and sunlight from the flowers. It may sound simple, but weeds, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder. What some gardeners consider unwanted weeds, others consider wildflowers. Although weeds and flowers may seem very different, the two are quite similar. For example, the similarities between flowers and weeds are, they grow on the ground, they both have flowers (in some weeds), and they both pollinate by female and male flowers and weeds. The differences between flowers and weeds are, weeds are hard to pull out of the ground and flowers are easily pulled. First, the beauty of the flower is very elegant and there are multiple colors to choose from like red, yellow, pink, violet, and others that are as beautiful. Also, flowers add fragrance to a garden and as for weeds are not seen beautiful and are pulled out of our gardens. Flowers are seen beautiful and weeds are seen a bit ugly redundant in ours eyes. Flowers have multiple colors but weeds only have one or two. Secondly, the symbolism of relationships are only with flowers for example, flowers can be given as apology gift or a gift that shows you are thinking about the person it is being sent to by surprising them with a handful of blossoming fragrant flowers. Flowers can also be made into a bouquet for a wedding, or a valentine gift to a love one. As for weeds, there are none that symbolize a relationship. Finally, from a health stand point, both flowers and weeds can be eaten. For example, they can be used for salads or for basils. Both flowers and weeds can also be used for medicinal purposes. For example, for herbs and made in to medicine. For instance, dandelion leaves and roots can be dried in order to ease the complications of digestion...
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