Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Hard disk drive Pages: 6 (1644 words) Published: March 15, 2013
“Disadvantages and Advantages of Computer”

A Research Paper Presented to
Prof. Hans Uy

In partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements in English IV

Junaira R. Jamal
First Year College

March 2013

I express my deepest gratitude to my family especially my mother who helps me with the grammar, invaluable guidance and blessings. I am very grateful to my English teacher Sir Han Uy for providing us with an environment to complete this project. I would like to thank my classmates for their unending follow up regarding this research paper and the websites such as,, and Google chrome.

In today’s world where everything has a computer element having knowledge about this wonder machine. It provides fresh, updated information to keep people on new risk and what to do about them. Providing information that is personally useful such as to avoid scams, fraud, and ID theft. Information on how to protect home PC’s and how to use e-mail and the internet safely. Based on the survey, a greater number of adolescents nowadays have computers at their home. It is considered as one of their most wanted gadget and other than it is popular because of its portability; it is as well advantageous in our everyday life. Thirty of the parent’s respondents twelve of them are strict with reference to computer and the common reason is that parents want their children to concentrate on their study. While eleven of them are not strict and one of the respondents reason in answering “No” in the question “Is your parents strict with reference to computer ?” answered “Because my parents trust me to what is right and what is wrong and I also know my limitations”. But the question is “Do they use their limited time in playing or studying?”

Computer has become an indispensable device for us. Computers are machines that perform tasks or calculations according to a set of instructions, or programs. Desktop is a collection of a number of different hardware devices. The significance of computers is almost an undeniable fact in today’s world. Teenagers give importance to computers for it provides whatever they demand to know. It gives information’s, data, news and more. Majority of the respondents use their computer in playing. Though few of them use their personal computer everyday most of them limit their time in playing computer games. Out of thirty respondents twenty eight of them are using it in researching and twenty of them mentioned that computers are very valuable for human life in this generation. Sixty percent of this students guaranteed that computer provide adequate needs they demand but forty percent of this people are not contented. Eleven of the respondents are predetermined regarding developing moral attitude through computers. Nine of them acknowledge that it is a distraction to the students especially in their studies because of the fact that twenty out of thirty students use their time in playing, even though some limits their time and it is very persuasive that results to an addiction. 2

The easy access to information via internet might teach students gruff ideas in some instances. Based on the information gathered from the related literature, many students spent more time playing rather than researching or doing other academic works. This is result to computer addiction.. From these students, huge percentage of them is male. This shows that male students are more prone to be affected by computer disadvantages. Most of our youth and students today are fond of going to internet shop to use computer, without knowledge of their parents what they are up to. They use their compete skills with their peers through playing games online like for example war craft, battle realms, DOTA etc. The research goal is to inform students about what computers can really do to them, how can it affects them and what is it that affects them....
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