Consumer Behaviour

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rQ1: Which design elements of the Volvo YCC are most valuable to female consumers? Volvo is a famous brand name of car which created most values element in their car design. There are four elements which are safety, quality, and environment and design (Volvo, 2011). In 2004, Volvo has come out with the ideas by focusing women consumer. So, Volvo corporation introduce the Your Concept Car (YCC) which the car will be design through women eyes. This concept had created by all female design team and they are more focusing to women with specific criteria such as professional, independent women desiring performance, style, practicality and ease of maintenance in one package (, nd) Moreover, Volvo YCC design elements are most valuable to female consumers which are created special for women need and wants. Firstly, the interior benefits for this design is just like a personal living room which are suitable and more comfortable for women. It is just like bring your home inside the car. The interior design is adjustable whereby, the seats pad can be changed to different colour and fabric such as linen, leather or shimmering yellow-green embroidered seat pad. Besides that, the carpet can be changed according to women choice because this will help to avoid owners by getting bored when using the same fabric, carpet and colours. More extra benefits, the exchangeable seats cover and carpet can be washed (Bonsor, 2011). This also will help owner of the car will always feel the new car even thought, the car is bought by quite long because of easily changes and this is suitable for women character. Volvo YCC had a maximized space and storage with high technology. In fact, before the door close, the seats will automatically help the driver to adjust according to the situation and it will help to make the driver more comfortable while driving (, 2011). The gear is allocated on the steering column and parking brake is electronic which integrated further interior space. There are also console which divided to three component and first is shallow component is for key, mobile phone, coins and other small item, slide back top component which is more larger is special for handbag and last component is for notebook computer. All of these interior elements are not just giving comfortable driving to the driver but it also help to arranged driver stuff in good position and safely.

The car image is more to sporty, quality and emotional because of elegant design exterior that had being created by these women team. There are few elements which highlighted, the door is gull-wing doors of short wing span and it was designed for better display of the car interior, easier back loading and unloading and also makes an easier for driver to get in and out from the car. Other advantage of gull-wings door is that there is no high sill to climb over and surface presented always clean one (Serious wheel, nd). Besides that, head and tail – lights are most important elements for the YCC’s styling because the headlight are lenses of transparent thermoplastic which help by project the light from banks of LEDs. Moreover, benefits in YCC car which is most important the engine. Basically, the engine had being created special compared other car brand whereby, the engine will stop automatically example, when the car stop at the traffic light and waiting the red light changed to green light. The automatic mode which driver can use the controls on the steering column to changed gear. Basically, women had more responsibility compared to men and they always want their life to become easier and smooth every day. So, with the easy clean and less effort to wash the car will help more in women life. The Volvo YCC had approved the ability and capability of women from the car design that they have created. The women team had managed to achieve by creating the women element that they really dream for their own car which help their life easier. Lastly,...
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