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Problem Finding

The gardening industry has numerous customer problems with current products that have the opportunity to be reinvented. There are multiple definitions that classify the word “Garden”. The online dictionary, seen in Exhibit 1, has helped us understand how some perceive the word. During our search of definitions of a garden/gardening, we came across numerous definitions, which were just the submissions from one dictionary. Although gardening may be viewed through multiple perceptions, the conventional perception of gardening is a popular activity that involves a great deal of time and hard work.

There are many different problems and opportunities that can be established within the gardening industry. Gardening originated with tools that came directly from nature, such as twigs and rocks ("Garden Tools."). Finding industry information about the gardening industry was difficult because gardening has been growing since the beginning of time. This industry has constantly evolved from developing ideas based on endless problems or frustrations brought on by the customer. The main target audience that this industry aims for is middle age homeowners ("Garden Tools."). There are many different aspects in a product material that help enhance a gardening tool to ensure the best quality. When searching for a tool, a standard objective a consumer looks for is durability and comfort. Price, size, shape, and weight are also common factors that are considered. We were able to gain this information by building our knowledge thorough basic research. The need to continuously enhance gardening products is increasing daily.

After understanding the many definitions of our industry, we then thoroughly studied the industry background and the different elements that contribute to customer satisfaction. We found a vast amount of information including the significant impact economic fluctuations has on the gardening industry and the key factors that contribute to maintaining a position in the market. Since there is a wide selection of brands and products during a time of recession, customers will seek cheap solutions towards their discretionary sending. Therefore, there are key factors that contribute to expanding sales including affordable pricing, strong product introductions, and quality customer service. Customers also seek the value the tools will deliver ("Garden Tools."). Durability and comfort of a tool is a significant factor that marketers need to consider when developing a product because the materials that are used to build a product have a large impact on the life of operation of the tool. This information is just a narrow overview of the industry, but we spent a great deal of time researching the background.

Another influential factor on a garden is the type of garden an individual or company wishes to grow. There are many different markets in the gardening industry, seen in Exhibit 2, which has allowed us to better understand the number of tools that are required by each market. During our search of types of gardens/gardening, we came across 67 different types of gardens. ("List of Garden Types."). While researching the factors that influence the markets and the numerous variations of market types, we realized that there are many problems and opportunities that arise from this data. First, to understand possible problems that may arise, we executed a bug list seen in Exhibit 3. Each of us generated multiple problems that we found could arise from the information we had researched and diverged the problems as a group. Throughout the Problem Finding process, we ascertained problems would continuously arise as we progressed through the project.

We were able to grasp a better understanding of possible consumer problems by gaining knowledge about the industry and creating a bug list. Another approach we used in our Problem Finding process was behavioral mapping seen in...

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