Daily Life in the United States 1920-1940

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Daily Life in the United States 1920- 1940

The era between 1920 and 1940 was filled with a multitude of challenges from wars, governmental reforms, to the great stock market crash. But within these difficult times, was born several significant inventions that would change the way of life for all Americans. Among those of most importance were that of the automobile, the radio and electricity. The automobile drastically altered the way people lived and worked by allowing Americans the freedom to travel where they wanted. Henry Ford was responsible for the mass production of the automobile by two methods. First he priced his car to be as affordable as possible and second he paid his workers enough to be able to purchase the cars they were manufacturing. This system helped push wages and auto sales upward and had a major impact on the economy and the labor force. The convenience of the automobile freed people from the need to live near rail lines or stations, therefore opening up new living locations anywhere in urban America. Also, the rising demand for the automobile forming a whole new work industry in the 20's, which aided in the expansion of factories, creating more jobs and adding additional revenue to the economy. The advancement within the auto industry also connected rural and urban life by creating mobility for the working class. The development of the truck was a considerable improvement for farmers by aiding in production and new means of transportation. New designs and advancements created by manufacturers also benefited educational sectors. The creation of the school bus became increasingly important to the role of the school and the student. The school bus allowed more children to go to school and attend extracurricular activities and sporting events. The automobile industry also allowed for the advancement of new roads. The government initiated national highway acts in order to make crops and other goods more available to the market....
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