Danh Nguyen Case 1

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Danh Duc Nguyen
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Answers for Key 1: A Healthy Image

1) What are the image issues in this case?
There are 2 main image issues in this case.
The first one is also a general image issue of any health organization. It is the development in trust and confident feeling of patients when they receive the services from hospitals or clinics. The factor which has the strongest impact on patients’ trust is nurse. Nurse can even represent for the image of a hospital because when patients get in a hospital, the care, responsibility, and friendliness offered from nurses really take an important role in raising the image of that hospital in the eyes of patients and even their families and friends. No one wants to get an inattentive care from nurses, especially when they are having some health problems. Therefore, how to build and increase the trust and confident feeling of patients and their families/friends by focusing on the nurse aspect, is a key issue in image development of not only St. Margaret’s General Hospital, but also all the health organizations. The second image issue Mary Wilson has to deal with is the image similarity among hospitals. In other words, there is not much difference in image between St. Margaret’s General Hospital and its regional competitors because all of them provide the same services like heart care or cancer treatment. This issue is even more serious than the first one since St. Margaret’s General Hospital’s competitors have strong competitors advantages like exclusive physicians or high level of reputation. Hence, how to make St. Margaret’s General Hospital image to be different from its competitors is really a hard question. There is also an issue coming from the name “Margaret” which can affect on the hospital image. This issue will be analyzed deeply in the next question.

2) What are the brand-name issues? Should the brand name be changed? If so, to what? The brand-name issue is that it is out of mode for a public...
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