Death Sentence

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Prison Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Death Sentence
There are many people in the world who given the right situation would take a life; for example if someone was trying to kill a person the person would defend themselves and if by accident the attacker is killed the victim would think it is alright that the person is dead. One less criminal in the world. But is it okay for a person to decided who lives and who dies? Is there any reason that justifies taking someone’s life? There is nothing, no reason that justifies taking someone’s future, someone’s live and someone’s choice. The death penalty should be eliminated because nothing gives anyone the right to take someone’s life, it is morally wrong and it is an ineffective form of punishment. “A popular bumper sticker says, "We kill people to show people that killing people is wrong.””(Carmical). The fact that the act of taking a life is used as punishment for people who kill is completely contradictory. “Lex talionis, or in common jargon, "an eye for an eye”(Carmical) should not be used when it comes to a person’s life. Once a life is taken it can never be returned. There is not a good enough reason to give anyone the right to control if someone’s life will be forfeited or not. People posses the right to live. It says in the constitution that people have the right of life and liberty. If people do something dumb and commit a criminal act they can lose their rights but no one has the right to take away someone’s right of life. While no one has a right to take someone’s life under any circumstance it is also morally wrong. “Morality is defined as "the principles of right and wrong." “(Carmical). When people do good deeds they deserve praise but there is another side to the same coin; punishment should be given for bad deeds. Punishments range from a slap on the wrist to something more severe, and while the punishment should fit the crime, death is too severe the consequence. “There are as many degrees of guilt and culpability as there are crimes,...
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