Denny V Ford

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Denny v. Ford Motor Company
Legal and Ethical Issues in Management
Dr. Scott Basinger

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Denny v. Ford Motor Company
Nancy Denny believed she was buying a Bronco II, which gave her the ability to switch between two-wheel and four wheel drive. According to the sales manual this feature would be appealing to women due to the vehicles’ ability to drive safer on snow and ice. Nancy Denny bought the vehicle due to the benefits of the four wheel drive and additionally, she had not interest in using the vehicle for off road purposes. It could be said that the information provided in the manual were somewhat misleading, especially for those not familiar with cars and the different safety features they provide. However, Nancy was buying for all tense and purposes an off road vehicle. My problem with the statements provided about the use of the vehicle laid in the fact all sales people say and do anything to make a car more appealing to the buyer. In this case, Nancy was sold a vehicle with four wheel drive, but was flawed in making sire the safety features were up to par for a passenger vehicle.

Nancy approached a legal battle on three grounds. First, was a strict products liability. A manufacturer who places a product on the market in a defective condition is liable for injury which results from use of the product when the product is used for its intended or reasonably foreseeable purpose. In order for Nancy to use this claim the she had to prove by that Ford Motor Company placed the Bronco II on the market in a defective condition. According to the United States Second Circuit of appeals, “A product is defective if it is not reasonably safe. I instruct you that if the Bronco II, at the time it left the seller's hands, was so likely to be harmful to people that a reasonable manufacturer or person who had actual knowledge of its potential for producing injury would...

References: Halbert, T., & Ingulli, E. (2012). Law & ethics in the business environment (7th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western.
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