Different Types Of Job In Accounting

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Different Types of Job in Accounting
Accounting is a language for a business. It is the system that recording, summarizing, and analyzing an economic entity’s financial transactions. There have many types of job in accounting such as bookkeeper, accountant, trainee accountants, tax accountant, auditor and other else.

In accounting, bookkeeper is playing a very important character to help accountant to prepare financial statement. Position for bookkeeper is to create financial transactions and report from information such documents as invoices to customers, supplier invoices, and receipts by posting to accounting journals. Job responsibilities for bookkeeper are to recording all the transactions by using the double entry system into journals day by day. It also need to checking company bank statements to confirm that bank transactions is correctly such as bank deposits and receipts of money. Bookkeeper has to maintain the petty cash fund and the annual budget. After all the transactions completely record into journals, bookkeeper has to prepare a trial balance to accountant to calculate the profit and loss account and balance sheet for the year. Desired qualifications for a bookkeeper should have an Associate’s degree in accounting or business administration, as well as knowledge of bookkeeping.

However, job function for accountant is analyze financial information and prepare financial report to determine the profit and loss account, record of assets and liabilities, tax liability, capital and other financial for an organization. Accountant has clearly report all the figures for assets and liabilities such as fixed assets, trade debtors, cash in hand and bank, trade creditors or loan from bank. Accountant also has to analyze the accounting record that prepare by bookkeeper to show the profit for a company. Accountant need to analyze business operations, cost for a project, revenues and expenses for a project. After analyzing, accountant has to prepare a...
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