Discuss the tourist attractions in Vietnam and the future of Vietnam’s tourism. What could be done for the improvement?

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1. Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping

Recently shopping online has become very popular because of the vast availability of internet. Online shopping is one kind of E-business where one consumer can directly shop over the internet. Ebay and Amazon are the 2 most popular and trusted website for shopping online. Millions of products are sold all over the world through this E-business model.

Most of the people prefer to shop online because searching a product online is very easy and relatively less time consuming. Besides products are usually sold at a cheaper price in online. Besides these advantages, Shopping online has got many disadvantages as well.

In this Article I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Shopping Online. Advantages of online shopping
1. Finding a product online is much more easier than looking for it in the local store. You can search any product easily by using the search engine feature of a online shopping website. But in store you have to look for it until you find it. This is how you can save some valuable time. 2. Now it is very easy to shop online because of the availability of internet every where in the world. 3. You don't have to waste your time in going to store and standing in front of the crowd. Many people hate to search a product in the corners of a shop and stand in the line for paying the price. Shopping from the local store become more time consuming and expensive if you do not have your own car. You can solve all the above problems just by shopping online. 4. If you don't find a product than you can switch to a new shopping website without wasting your time. For example if you don't find the suitable product in E-bay, you can look for it in the amazon without wasting your time. On the other hand if you do not find any product in the store you have to go to other store which is more laborious and time consuming. Sometime you will be forced to buy inferior good from the local store. 5. You will enjoy the freedom of price flexibility. If you don't like the price of a product from an online shop, you can switch to other online to store to look for cheaper price. You can also follow this procedure in normal shop, but it would take more time and labor to do so. 6. Now a days shopping online is very reliable. The percentage of satisfaction is very high. This is why you would see most of the seller has 99%+ positive feedback. 7. Most of the store provides money back guarantee. Although it is very difficult to get back the money but most of the seller do provide money back grantee for a specific period of time. 8. You have infinite option to choose a product.

9. If you don't find any product within your country then you must need to shop online from a international store. 10. There are some product which you don't want to buy publicly. Because of the privacy reason you might want to buy it from online anonymously. Shopping online is extremely helpful in these cases. Disadvantages of online shopping

1. The main disadvantage is - you can not receive the product immediately. you have to wait until the the product arrives. 2. You don't know about the actual quality of the product. Sometimes the description of the product might be different than the actual product. As a result you might end up with inferior quality product. 3. Shipping charge and shipping delays are one of the main disadvantage of shopping online. Some people just can't wait. 4. Sometime you may face Delivery risk. Delivery risk occurs when the seller fails to deliver the original product or delivers a damaged (inferior/duplicate) product. 5. As online shopping is becoming very common the number of online scam and fraud is also increasing. This is why a buyer should always buy from trusted websites. 6. You wouldn't like to buy any clothing products because you won't be able to know whether they will look good on you or not. 2. Do you prefer to eat out or at home?

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