Divided city

Topics: Boy, Glasgow, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Divided City by Theresa Breslin
The novel Divided City by Theresa Breslin Is set in gloomy Glasgow, Scotland, in the recent times. The story is aimed at teenagers and adults alike and concerns the asylum seeking problems and associated racism towards illegal immigrants who had arrived in Glasgow at this time. I really enjoyed this novel as it was good to see each supporters of Rangers and Celtic, be such good friends. Even in today's modern time, it's refreshingly different to see the 'old firm' barrier being obliterated, with the two pals showing total trust and friendship with each other, despite their religious differences. Which of course, this is the way it should be with society. The novel also had a really good storyline and plot to which I learned a lot more about racism and sectarianism from this book. It profiles both how dull Scotland can be and how wonderful it can be when you see, so called enemy's, be friends. Graham finds a young man, an asylum seeker, lying stabbed, bleeding in the street, crying for help. Graham doesn't want to help as he might get stopped and questioned by the police, who might see him as a suspect for the possible assault on this man. Graham has to make the right choice, it's all down to him if he wants to save that young wounded man's life or face the wrath of his mother for disobeying her instructions, when she finds out that he took the risky shortcut home and came across the violated male. He is scared that his mum will ban him from playing football with his new best pal, when she finds out he disobeyed her wishes and this will prevent him getting into the Glasgow City Football team. Graham is an ordinary young teenager, playing football, boisterous and getting up to mischief, etc, He is placed in some awkward and scary circumstances, but comes through in the end. We first see Graham in the novel straight away, when he takes a shortcut home from football training to save money to buy chips, This decision leads...
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