Divorce Bill Debate Statements

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Legal separation Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Divorce Bill
- AN ACTINTRODUCING DIVORCE IN THE PHILIPPINES, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSETITLE II, ARTICLES 55 TO 66 INCLUSIVE AND ARTICLE 26 OF EXECUTIVEORDER NO. 209, AS AMENDED, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE FAMILY CODEOF THE PHILIPPINES, AND REPEALING ARTICLE 36 OF THE SAME CODE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES - (B) A PETITION FOR DIVORCE MAY BE FILED ON ANY OF THEFOLLOWING GROUNDS:(1) THE PETITIONER HAS BEEN SEPARATED DE FACTO FROM HIS ORHER SPOUSE FOR AT LEAST FIVE YEARS AT THE TIME OF THE FILING OFTHE PETITION AND RECONCILIATION IS HIGHLY IMPROBABLE;(2) THE PETITIONER HAS BEEN LEGALLY SEPARATED FROM HIS ORHER SPOUSE FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS AT THE TIME OF THE FILING OFTHE PETITION AND RECONCILIATION IS HIGHLY IMPROBABLE; (Amending of EO 209 (Title 2), section 2) - Good day ladies and gentlemen. In the Filipino culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred union, and the family founded on marriage is considered as a fount of love, protection and care. But then, reality tells us that there are many failed, unhappy marriages across all Filipino classes. Even when couples start out well in their marriage, political, economic and social realities take their toll on their relationship. - Extreme poverty, lack of education, financial problems, prolonged separation in the case of couples where one or both are working abroad, and other social ills that were not prevalent until about a few decades ago, are putting many marriages in the Philippines under tremendous pressure. - For a large number of women, the inequalities and violence in marriage negate its ideals as the embodiment of love, care and safety. Among the different forms of violence and abuse against women committed in 2009, wife battery ranked the highest at 6,783 or 72% according to the Philippine National Police. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) likewise recorded marital violence among different forms of violence against women at 1,933. - Existing laws are not enough to guarantee and protect these...
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