Does Religion Create Intolerance?

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Marriage Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: January 25, 2011
Does religion create intolerance?

With the study of the most important religions in the world, it is found that world unification, world peace, and to give hope and faith are the main purpose in all of them. However, all religions look for this principal aims, go to the extreme of the religion does cause intolerance. This statement may be questioned by the same people which believes over their religions are really strong. If religions or institutions are looked deeply, it is also found rules implemented by each of these institutions. Islam has the Coram, Catholicism and Protestants has the same Bible, where rules by their gods are implemented in their life. In fact, looking to these rules in the different religion, the cause of intolerance over the people and over the world is found. Looking at the bible, orthodox churches did not accept divorce, as a case in history it is known the story of King Henry VIII for killing his wife to get marry with another one. In fact over this intolerance the institute of the Protestant church was created. Nowadays people who married in the church and get divorced are considered as sins carriers and they cannot marry in the church again. For those who strongly believe in their institutions, as Catholicism they have intolerance for those who get divorced after marrying under the church law. The there are found the conservative persons for each religion, for example in Islam, there is no tolerance about the women who cheat to their husbands. This fact has as consequences the murdered of the woman by several men throwing rocks to the “cheater”. As a rule in the Islam religion, the man can have a polygamous relationship, but women are just for one man. However, what if that kind of rules are used just as an excuse for those who do not want to accept things as they are in this world? Nowadays is really easy to disagree with the homosexual people because the bible says that is not right, but is...
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