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When people go to work, they get a salary. When they go to school, they receive an award. However, at work you get paid for being present, and there is no evaluation of the work you have done. While at school you get an award for the quality of work you have done with specific evaluation of each particular participant. Many authors discuss about the necessity of evaluation in the school system. They use grades as their reference point, and they argue over its importance in the system. I refer to two articles: “The Farce called ‘Grading’,” and “Grades and Self-Esteem.” The author of each article has a different view about grades in the American educational system. Is that necessary to have a controversy about grading students? I believe that students deserve a grade for their work.

The author, Arthur E. Lean, in his article, “The Farce called ‘Grading’ ” objected to the idea of grading students. He believed that they used grades the system scholar in order to reward and punish students (p. 132). He stated that the tendency of grading was to humiliate and make the less intelligent student pay for his or her incapacity to learn even if it wasn’t his or her fault (p. 132). To emphasize his point of view about the unimportance of grades in the system scholar, he declared, “In spite of the staggering amount of incontrovertible evidence that grading not only does not accomplish its purpose, but in realty inhibits and injures the educative process, we obstinately continue with this perverted practice (p. 132).”

In my opinion, Arthur’s view that they should eliminate grading in academic evaluation is wrong. The author based his own experience to make a generalization about the procedure of grading. He explained his experience as a teacher when he was called to participate in an evaluation of a student work in order to establish a standard for evaluation (p.131). Because there were different results for the same paper, Arthur believed that the grading...
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