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The Feasibility Study


Project Background and History

We see a lot of growth in vehicle sales in Indonesia and every year it continues to rise. We see this as a business opportunity. Our idea is to place the vehicle wash. With high growth in motor vehicles sales and also the level of busy people today who want everything instant without the hassle, we confident that our business will run smoothly.

Market and plant capacity

Our market share is clear that cars and other motor vehicles. We will open the vehicle wash in a residential area, on the other hand there is no competition and the volume of vehicles that pass a lot. in our calculations, in one day we can serve the minimum 20 vehicles.

Materials and inputs

1.The compressor

2. The water for the steam engines
3. A steam engine wash system snow (snow foam)
4. Vacuum cleaner
5. Water reservoirs
6. Employee uniforms
7. Media promotion
8. Installation space

10.Car Hydrolic
9. Washing equipment:

* -Tire and Car Polish Cream
* - Brush
* - Kanebo/Cloth
* - Small & large Brush
* - Soap Suds

Location and site

We chose to establish the business in Housing Complex named Pakuwon City is located in East Surabaya. The reason we choose that location because the number of vehicles passing volume. Additional information on the housing there are 4 different schools, each school has hundreds or even thousands of students. Every day they were escorted by their personal vehicles. Our survey nearest carwash 3 km distance from its housing and access is not easy.

Project engineering


Layout for the project we need total space minimum 100m2. We choose technology car hydraulic because it make easy to clean undercarriage parts. The Civil engineering work needs calculation to set up the hydraulic....
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