education system in ethiopia

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The education system in Ethiopia
Education is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next person in which the cycle improves with time. This cycle has evolved dramatically in Ethiopia when compared to US and other countries who are accustomed to modern education. Although Ethiopia was home to the first nations in the world who can write; it has been a struggle to apply modern education especially in rural areas. Many factors can be considered for this problem. Lack of financial support and educated force, Traditions that don’t correlate with modern education and lack of basic necessity for teachers to teach. Modern education in private schools in Ethiopia (that I went to) basically have the same structure as the US but differ widely in areas like schools apparatus and appliances. The school session in Ethiopia is divided into a morning session and an afternoon session. The morning session begins at about 8:00 and lasts until 12:15. The afternoon session begins at 12:30 and continues to 4:45. Students have six classes that are forty minutes each, plus a fifteen minute break after the third class. This is the usual timeline of a student’s education in Addis Ababa, The capital of Ethiopia. From Nursery to Fourth grade, Classroom structure is like that in the US: one teacher per class who teaches every subject. At this cycle, students study subjects like math and social studies, Amharic (the national language) and English. Most school also are accustomed to give kids nap time and fun activates to do in the day at this level. When students get to Fifth grade, they continue to study Amharic, English, math and social studies, but they also begin to study integrated sciences. Unlike The US Students who remain in the same classroom throughout the day, teachers cycle and come to each classroom to teach their subject. At the end of their eight grade year, students are given a...

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