Effective Communication.

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Effective Communication
Effective communication is a skill everyone should master, whether it is interpersonal or business. Interpersonal communication is important because it will allow everyone to communicate effectively with one’s family and friends. Business communication is important because an employee needs to be able to communicate effectively with all supervisors and coworkers, along with any customers or clients’ they may meet. A business can lose money if their employees are not able to communicate effectively. “A recent report concluded that small businesses in the United Kingdom were losing more than $5.4 billion per year due to ineffective business communication (Hooper, 2004).” Any form of communication should answer the questions: who, what, when why and where. The four elements that make communication effective are purpose, audience, structure, and tone.

Before a person begins any form of written communication, think about the purpose or reason to communicate with someone. Purpose would be the same whether it is for interpersonal or business communication because it is the reason for the communication in the first place. Consider the purpose of the message in order to determine what the message needs to convey. The purpose of the message will also determine which structure to use in their message. Say, two coworkers are working on a project together, and one wants to send a message to the other about setting up a meeting. In this situation, the structure of the message would be an email. The next step in effective communication is analyzing the audience that one will be writing for. The communicator will need to know how knowledgeable the audience is about the topic that they are conveying. Knowing what level of language to use is also important because the audience needs to understand the words the writer is using. By following these steps, it will allow us to tell to whom they are communicating. By knowing the...

References: Hooper, S. (2004). Workers struggle with e-mail angst. CNN. Retrieved October 2, 2006, from http://www.cnn.com/2004/BUSINESS/04/05/communications.anxiety/index.html
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