Effective Communication for Success in Healthcare - Conflicts

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Effective Communication for Success in Healthcare

Effective communication in the healthcare field can only be achieved by successfully building interpersonal relationship with physicians, staff, and patients. In order to achieve the highest standard of care, effective communication needs to be implemented in all levels of management, to patient care, and billing. Not only will successful interpersonal relationships build a prosperous business but, it will also obtain the highest level of care for patients seeking treatment, which is the ultimate goal in the healthcare field.

Effective communication is a core value in the health care industry. It can help us better understand one another or situation, it enables us to resolve any differences, builds trust and respect, and can create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection, and caring can flourish. Providing quality interpersonal relationships in a healthcare setting can comfort a patient, bring familiarity to a stressful situation, and ensure the patient that they are receiving the up most care and consideration. When working in the health care field it is important to understand the essential needs of patients and how you can support them. Most times when individuals are seeking healthcare it is during a time of stress when they are at the most vulnerable, approaching situations with the common goal of integrity to every individual can lead to successful care for patients.

As many have experienced, walking into an office you can get the general vibe of how employees conduct business and work with each other. This is a form of communication that in order to be effective needs to be examined. A supportive climate of communication has description, problem orientation, spontaneity, empathy, equality, and provisonalism. “Description refers to the messages that explain your feelings, reactions, and your needs to others. Problem orientation refers to a point of view you share with...
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