Employability of Ia Grad

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While graduates’ employment is increasingly becoming a concern in terms of both attracting students to finish higher education and supporting labor market development and economic growth, there is little concrete information available on the subsequent employment of Internal Auditing graduates. In the light of this background, the FEU-Internal Auditing Students has launched a research project to fill the gap by examining the activities, outcomes and employability of the graduates.

This report presents the outcomes of the study on Internal Auditing graduates employment. The study, following a mixed methods design, involved a survey of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Internal Auditing graduates of 2010-13 (n =?), the researchers designed a survey which was based on the definition of employability, job success criteria, knowledge of English, knowledge of management principles, knowledge of accounting principles, extra-curricular activities and honors and credentials of the graduates.

This report also discusses the factors affecting the employability of IA graduates and explores the relevance of the skills gained in the course of studies. The dif¬ferences of employment experiences, internship, gender and age groups were highlighted throughout the report. In the end it elicits recommendations on how IA graduates can raise their profiles internationally and enhance their employability.

The findings of the study will be useful for university administrators involved in local and international business process, current and prospective BSBA-IA students and graduates, policy makers and other experts working with the issues of business education and employment.


Background of the Problem

Internal Auditing is only one of the several courses offered by Far Eastern University (FEU). The program aims to prepare students for careers in internal auditing and related fields and to make them ready to deal effectively with the problems they will face in their chosen career. Students are given strong preparation to render independent, objective assurance and consulting services in order to add value and improve an organization’s operations. They will help an organization achieve its objectives by bringing a systematic disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

As of 2013, FEU already has seven batches of Internal Auditing Graduates. The practice of internal auditing has been in existence for more than one hundred years. However, internal auditing is a relatively new and emerging profession. In order for one to succeed in this chosen career, one must acquire competitive distinctions among others. Some of the graduates of FEU under the Internal Auditing program may have landed a job related to their field. Some may have been employed but in a different path. And others are still unemployed and seeking for a job.

According to Becker, 1975, interest in employability reflects an acceptance of human theory. In addition, from the concept of human capital theory, the concern of employability tackles how a person stock of knowledge and capabilities are being acquired to contribute to his productivity.

Academic qualifications are first tick in the box and then we move on. Today we simply take them for granted. (Brown, et.al. 2002). In this said approach, it discuss about the ultimate initiation of students to schooling whether short term or long term. Also, we take for granted the opportunities offered to us instead of taking them seriously.

Furthermore, Fan and Antoine (1999) have found a significant difference in employment destination between graduates with English-speaking and non-english speaking backgrounds. Moreover, the authors reported that graduates from English-speaking backgrounds were more likely to be employed either full time or part time than their colleagues with non-English speaking...
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