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If I could start a business I would start a lawn care and services business because I enjoy gardening, working outside. With a lawn care service it is a stable and a repeat business, for the customer that do not have time or just do not want to do there on lawn. For those customers from late spring the early Fall they will need their lawns mowed once a week, making for a stable business. There will be some challenge in starting this business, lawn care has many competitors. Just by doing a web search for lawn care services there were multiple pages some are well known and others are may you of one or two persons. Then there is the expenses of starting up, equipment and a way transport the equipment insurance on vehicles, equipment and employees. Also insurance that would cover damages that may occur during your services. During the startup customer base may be low, because people do not know the company. The strategies for overcoming these challenges would be to start with a good business plan, with doing this I would ask for help from people successful in business. There are many websites one of them is SBA.GOV which is the U.S. Small Business Administration. As for obtaining a customer base, advertisement with the use of social media and creating a website, use Craigslist attend lawn and garden show and pass out flyers and business card, make use of Groupon. Based on the business plan if it would be a good idea to purchasing an existing business, this could provide both customer base and equipment. Also for the customer base I would place bids on city property that had to be taken care of and contact with other small business owners. The desired outcome of this would be to provide a service that is needed and own a business that is well known and respected. That the business would grow from a small to a medium size company and never lose site customer relationships and...
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