Ending Community Hunger

Topics: Nutrition, Poverty, Gardening Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Ending Hunger in the Community
There are many steps that can be taken to help end community hunger, no matter the size of the step, it’s an effort towards a good cause. Many poor and homeless people eat whatever they can get their hands on, and, unfortunately the cheap food they can afford comes from the dollar menu at McDonalds. They need healthy food that will fill them with necessary body nutrition. The community can all get together and plan to make a garden together and give the vegetables to those who truly need it most. First, however, the community members need to have a basic idea of gardening. Programs such as WWOOF provide people who are interested in organic foods places where they can volunteer and learn how to grow natural vegetables. The members can come here and learn by volunteering during their most convenient time. By learning here, they can begin a community garden and spread the word to poor and homeless people that they can now begin to grow food in their local community as well as learn how to grow them. To further more the progress of community gardening, the community can build a public kitchen house that would be available to the needy people. Here the members of the community can teach the homeless and poor how to cook healthy foods. This can pull out many needing people out of the hunger phase, and possibly giving them the opportunity to feed their own families.
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