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Topics: Poetry, Elizabeth I of England, Babington Plot Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Leonely Flores
AICE English Language
Chidiock Tichborne
Chidiock Tichborne‘s most famous poem is “Written The Night Before His Execution.” This poem is also titled “Tichborne’s Elegy,” and “My Prime of Youth Is but a Frost of Cares.” Usually, poets have written there poems because of some kind of history or background that have accompany it. Sometimes the background or history can include love and romance, or cheer and happiness. These are the most common tones of poems. Tichborne’s poem is quite unique and different from the usual. This particular poem is written of his impending death.

To begin with, Tichborne’s birthdate is unknown but the year he was born in is 1558. Tichborne asked people to call him Charles because it was much easier to pronounce than Chidiock. Tichborne was born in Southampton, Circa in England. He was an active English conspirator and poet. He became a well –known, famous poet after his poem, “Tichborne’s Elegy.”

Tichborne’s parents, Peter Tichborne and Elizabeth Tichborne had a strong faith in Catholicism. Eventually, Tichborne also became a passionate Roman Catholic. During his youth, Elizabeth the first was Queen. In 1570, the pope excommunicated Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth the first became extremely furious and retaliated by illegalizing the practice of Roman Catholicism. Sixteen years later, Tichborne decided enough was enough when he joined a conspirators group in 1586.

The conspirators group he joined was named “the Babington Conspirators.” Their plan was to plot a scheme to kill Queen Elizabeth the first. Once the beans were spilt, Tichborne and his conspirators were captured and held at the tower of London in separate rooms. It didn’t take Queen Elizabeth’s guards much to react to Tichborne. Regretting what he planned and how he was going to get punished for it, Tichborne wrote a letter to his wife about his impending death. The poem was written on September, 19, 1586. At midnight, Tichborne and his...
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