Eth 125 Wk 4 Religion and Ethnic

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religious and Ethnic Groups
According to the Roman Catholic Faith Jesus Christ himself created the Catholic Church in 33A.D. The Prejudice against Christ and his followers started during his life from many of his miracles, teachings about his father “God” and the testament on how we as Christians should live our lives. The Prejudices stemmed from not only the Jewish faith and non-believers but from rules who feared that Jesus was a King above all kings and they would lose their empires. Christians would avoid discrimination by practicing in secret and coming up with a symbol to represent them self. The ½ fish. When 2 Christians would meet each would draw a half fish and together it would complete the symbol. An example of ultimate prejudice and discrimination is when Jesus was taken before ponchos pilot and the crowds choose Barabbas a thief and murder over Jesus. Ultimately Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion which nailed the end of Christ but the beginning of the catholic Faith forever. Between 33A.D and 1520A.D there were 13 Christian- religions that came about. One of them was the Roman Catholic Church. In 1545A.D The Roman Catholic Church Re- Evaluated some practices and beliefs because of several upsets in the church, wars, and Racial shifts due to global colonization of The Americas in 1492. This was called the Council of Trent. This movement would lead to thousands of new Christina religions, including fraction Catholic groups as well. These religions lay subservient if you will to the Alpha Roman Catholic church. An English Historian once acknowledged that “If any other human institution had known such great inner corruption or outer hostility, it would long ago have perished.” (Champlin, 1999). Thus is noted as an example that Divine intervention has withheld the Human elements we taint religion with. An example of this is in the early 1500s Jesuit Monks, and Catholic Bishops came to North and South...

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