Evaluation Essay of China Charges into Electric Cars

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Yunlong Jiang
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July 31, 2013
Professor James Lawton

Evaluation Essay of China Charges into Electric Cars
The article “China Charges into Electric Cars”, which written by Dumaine, Brian, talking about the plan of develop electric cars in China. This article detailed introduction of the problem which exist in building an electric automobile infrastructure in China and the money which are invested by the Chinese government to help in the expansion of the electric automobile industry. This information is very important for the electric car manufacture who want to enter Chinese market. As a new and potential electric car market, China draws attention from all around the world. If one the electric car manufacture could have a head start, it will predominate in this market for a long time. The author described the plan and policy which related to electric car by Chinese government, analyzed the current situation of Chinese electric car market and predicted the future trends. The data and information in this article are very useful and reliable, especially for an electric car manufacture such like Tesla. In this article, we can easy to find that why China will be the biggest electric car market. The author stated his purpose by using some fact and comparison between China and America. For example, at the beginning of the article, the author described a popular auto show which hold in southwestern part of China. The heavy demand and the interest from Chinese consumer can be found through this auto show. After that, the article talking about problem of Chinese environment which is an important and hard to ignore issue. Electric car alleviate the growing traffic jam and lower greenhouse-gas emissions. But the most important for China is getting out of oil addiction. The gas price for a country which per capita income is USD 2800 a year is too expensive. The second half of this article focus on the Chinese technological strength...
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