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I found the article “The Information” by Adam Gopnik to be a difficult read. The information seemed to jump around and was very difficult to follow. While I understood the point Gopnik was making I couldn’t dive into the information like I wanted to. I wasn’t rally sure of Gopnik’s view on the subject, is he an Ever-Waser? What does, it’s not about the toast but the butter really mean? Is Gopnik trying to say that it’s not about the new technology but how we use it?

Gopnik states “The Ever-Wasers insist that any moment in modernity something like this is going on, and that a new way of organizing data and connecting users is always thrilling to some and chilling to others” What Gopnik is saying is that these people believe that this is just a new form of change that has been happening for centuries. With every new technology there will be “Never-Betters” who think it’s the next best thing and that it will be a whole new world as we know it and then “Better-Nevers” who believe that with every new technology that it will destroy our minds and ruin life as we know it. Ever-Wasers believe this is just the next evolution of our time and that with every new technology there will be a positive and a negative and it’s just about balancing the two. William Powers, in “Hamlets Blackberry” refers to a deal he made with his family to have an “unplugged Sunday” the point Gopnik is making is that we can live with new technology as long as we can pull ourselves away from it. In the article “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” Jerry Mander’s argues television would become addictive and destroys the viewer’s inner lives. Television can be addictive and has made a significant impact on our lives It has now become a normal part of everyday life and the Better-Nevers have moved on to internet and cell phones destroying out lives.

I am an Ever-Waser. I think new technology comes and goes and people will always fear the unknown. With every change...
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