Extended Metaphor - a Garden Is Friendship

Topics: Plant, Flower, Symbiosis Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: September 5, 2013
A garden is friendship.
A garden is friendship. Each one is different and unique. Some take time to develop and some take off and grow wildly. Most require attention and upkeep in order for them to work and grow however, in rare occasions they can be left for months, even years without contact and are exactly the same when you return. Once they are let go though, it is difficult to get them back to the way they once were. Maintenance is the key to any successful garden; some fertiliser every now and then will often go a long way. The appearance of a garden from the outside is not as important as people think. What’s inside is much more important and meaningful. In every garden we see symbiotic relationships. Flowers help pollinate each other and the trees support the flowers and wildlife as well. The wildlife within a garden support the florae. No one plant or creature is left behind. In some cases though, overgrown weeds can get in the way of the beauty of our gardens. Unwanted and ugly, weeds are inevitable. All we can do is pull them out and move on.

Some gardens appear beautiful and vibrant and some dead and dull. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, some with tall trees and some with small stubby bushes, and some more interesting than others. Some flower and blossom the whole year round and others more like perennials that have their seasons. Although the hard work takes time, it is important to make time to upkeep your garden because it will always give back what you put in.

Although it has its blemishes, my garden is beautiful and is exactly the way I want it. It may be crazy and all tangled up within each other but it’s perfect in its own way. The special thing about a garden is that you can make it your own and prune it exactly the way you like.
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