Fiat Swot

Topics: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Automobile, Steering Pages: 3 (502 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Environmental Analysis:

An evaluation of the most important opportunities and threats faced by the product that will help management anticipate positive and negative events that may impact the company and its strategies. An analysis of the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses should also be included.

Strengths| Weakness|
Direct Customer Point of Sale| Lack of Reputation|
Knowledge of the Market| |
Efficient and “Green” Car| |
The Car has The Latest in Accessories Technology| |

I. Strengths

Direct Customer Point of Sale – The “Pop-up Stores” establish in major malls in Guaynabo, Ponce and Mayaguez gives the product a direct participation with the interested clients, where he or she can see the features of the car and in the case they want it, they can order it in the store.

Knowledge of the Market – Auto Grupo who owns the FIAT Studio in San Juan Metro area and Triangle Dealer who owns the FIAT Studios in Ponce and Mayaguez both knows and have a great expertise in the retail car industry in Puerto Rico.

Efficient and “Green” Car - The Fiat 500 features an all- new 1.4-liter, inline four cylinder engine with state-of-the-art MultiAir technology that provides world-class levels of power, fuel efficiency, quality and refinement.

The Car has The Latest in Accessories Technology – “Blue&Me” standard feature enables drivers to make calls, play music and drive without ever taking their hands off the steering wheel. Drivers can use steering wheel-mounted controls, voice commands or a combination of both. And even downloads into USB stick your travel information via Eco:Drive and see a “Green” chart on your personal computer.

II. Weakness

Lack of Reputation – Even thou the FIAT is not a new car in Puerto Rico it does not have the reputation as other compact cars it will compete with.

Opportunities | Threats|
Need to Increase Market Share| Local Recession|
Change in Government Public Policies|...
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