First Time in Church

Topics: Jesus, Mass, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Theological foundation 100
February 13, 2013

Reflection Paper #1
The content of the worship is very different from the way I am used to in Islamic mosques. The priests started by saying “We bless ourselves for prayer in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” and the crowd responded with an Amen, and then a person started to read from the bible. Every time the priest or the person finished the reading, people said “The word of the Lord.” People kept repeating what the priest was saying until he started to read the Gospel. When he stared reading the Gospel, people crossed themselves on the forehead, the lips and the chest with their thumbs to show that Christ is on their mind. Then the priest started to bless the bread and wine, and every person got to drink and eat from them. Then the priest asked people to show a sign of peace by greeting people who are next to each other saying “Peace be with you.” At the end, the Priest blessed everyone and ended the Mass by telling people to go forth and spread the word, and the response was “Thanks be to God.” Music was played for most of the time during the mass. The songs played were in fact really pleasant to listen to and reassuring. The orchestra was behind the stage, so it was almost impossible for people to see them playing the music, and I think it is the way it is just to prevent any distraction to people. I was not actually sure that the songs were in English because I did not understand what the crowd was saying although I had the notes I was given when I entered the church. I actually had a wonderful experience in the Catholic Church. Although I was so nervous and did not expect to be amazed by Christianity at all, there were several things that I really liked and wished that everyone even non-Christians considered to do as human beings. When the priest asked the people to show peace and great each other, everyone looked around him and started to hug the person next to him saying “peace...
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