Four Cornerstones of Faith

Topics: Christianity, Catholic Church, Jesus Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Four Cornerstones of Faith

Everything in this world requires a stable foundation in order to overcome obstacles. This truth also can be applied on ourselves. In order for us to live the Christian life a head, a solid foundation becomes crucial. In Matthew 5-7, Jesus preaches one of the most important moral teachings, Sermon on the Mount. In Msgr. James McNamara’s article, he starts with his understanding of it by saying that Jesus wants us to be prepared to meet this great challenge in order to listen to His words and act on them. Then, he introduces an analogy of two men building their houses on sand and solid rock. When storm comes, the house on sand is destroyed while the house on solid rock remains intact. There are lots of attractions in our life that hold us back from fulfilling Christian life. These attractions are like storm that may destroy us if we fail to build a solid foundation. According to Msgr. McNamara, the first corner stone is the teaching of Jesus. It was found in the Scripture and Tradition, which comes through the teaching of the Church. Jesus says that it is very important for us to seek our faith in a central authority. Jesus also teaches us that all love comes from God. Without the Catholic Church, people may not be humble and honest because God becomes whatever we choose God to be. Our life will eventually become full of inanition and chaos. Therefore, the teaching authority of the Church is crucial to our Catholic tradition. The second cornerstone is the Eucharist. A mean is meant to be a time for conversation and sharing friendship, which can be a great treasure for us. At every meal, we are sharing life-giving food and drink. If we act in ways that are life-destroying, then we have entirely missed the meaning of the meal. The Eucharist is a meal just like other meals, but it is more than the most special meal that we can imagine. To participate in the Eucharist is to share Christ with others, and this sacramental life of the...
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